Extending Support and Assistance

We are a voluntary charitable organisation formed on 2 July 1989.

SA Police Legacy’s charter is to provide financial assistance, support and benefits to the families of any South Australian Police Officer (SAPOL) or retired Police Officer who dies.

Independent from SAPOL, SA Police Legacy is managed by a Board consisting of current serving and retired Police members and representatives from the Police Association, Retired Police Officers’ Association, SAPOL Employee Assistance Section, Police Widows and Police Credit Union.

The day-to-day running of SA Police Legacy is through our Manager, Karen Cucchiarelli, in conjunction with Liaison Officer, Karen Robinson.

It is our privilege to play a caring role in the lives of over 360 SA Police Legatees (widows and widowers) and 60 Police Wards (children) daily.


Board and Management

The SA Police Legacy Board includes a team of dedicated volunteers representing a broad cross-section of the police community, bringing a range of complementary skills and experience.

The Board’s primary responsibility is to manage SA Police Legacy’s finite resources judiciously in order to ensure it can meet the ongoing needs of Police Legatees and Police Wards.

  • Mark Willing
  • Jodi-Lee Black
  • Nic Whiteside
  • Bronwyn Killmier
  • Peter Clifton
  • Glenn Thompson

  • Barry Lewis
  • Joanne Sharman
  • Joanne Sanderson
  • Costa Anastasiou
  • Karen Cucchiarelli
  • Kath Wilkin

  • Karen Robinson
  • Trevor Haskell
  • Samantha Strange